Errors on Self-Learning Modules: Who is Responsible?

These past couple of weeks, the issues on module errors have been a trend among students, parents, and educators. After the long debate, another related issue rose: “Do not blame the teachers.” Wait, most of the teachers are not reacting to the issue at all. It is the parents and the Department of Education who … Continue reading Errors on Self-Learning Modules: Who is Responsible?


I askedfor dreamsto come true.Then you came,and I learneda lesson instead. I read a book,to lose insomeone's world.Now I haveto facemy own reality. I waitedfor time to stop.Impossible!Now I'm wishingthat I couldturn back the handsof the clock. I thoughtthat someonewould catch me.I should haveused the parachute. I restedbut overslept.Guessed I shouldstop procrastinating. Last nightI drankto … Continue reading Realizations